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MMTOOL 3.26.zip (2022)


Download: https://tlniurl.com/2kdq93


. When I tried to run it, the page that opens is grayed out and I don't see what's going on. reply. New forums. Aug 23, 2011 . Ziff Davis - Member: Posted image Mar 16, 2019 I believe the motherboard manufacturer made it mandatory to have a certain BIOS version/flavor of the Asus motherboard to get any technical support. It's common for them to release a motherboard with a certain BIOS that is also their critical/core product, and then release an additional BIOS later that isn't necessarily critical for the product, but may only make it easier for the end user or the customer service staff. It's a fair guess that the 3.26 BIOS/firmware was released to ensure that the board will boot with the 3.26 CMOS firmwares, which is a critical/core part of the product, the reason it's why I suspect that the motherboard manufactures choose to pre-load this BIOS/firmware version. Reply. No, do not need MM Tool to update to Windows 10. The upgrade installer can be invoked with Windows 7/8/8.1/10. Reply. It is possible to run the update without any further configuration. I had the same issue you do. Unfortunately, I did not get any further than the following screen. Reply. So, maybe the Update can be performed only with new disks, not with used disks. I also experienced that my BIOS does not seem to recognize my USB drives. Reply. Here is the solution. You need to have a compatible SATA controller to boot from a USB drive. Reply. It is possible to boot from a USB drive without any further configuration. My SATA controller was an ICH10 but I have the same problem. Reply. This is a common error to the one that you are experiencing. I suggest that you download the EZ Flash 2.7 and give it a try. Reply. Answer: Can't boot Windows 10 Hi again, i now found the solution and it was really simple! i forgot to say that the my SATA controller is an ICH10. Reply. Answer: I found the solution! I went to the bios. and from there you can update the bios. Reply. Answer: Asus P6X58D-E x64 - Can't get Windows 10 to boot. Hi again









MMTOOL 3.26.zip (2022)

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